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9.25 Stretch wrapping film

Stretch wrapping film is a very popular packaging form in the world

Regardless of the development of science and technology, the important factor affecting the quality of stretch winding film so far is the material and production process. The superior performance of stretch winding film is due to the following processes:

In order to make use of the properties of multiple polymers of stretch wrapping film at the same time, multi-layer structure is usually used in packaging. Stretch wrapping film process is to form multi-layer structure film from a variety of different polymers in the same process. It can attribute the advantages of chemical and physical properties of each polymer to one, so as to meet and solve the special needs of packaging materials in food, medicine and other industrial fields.

Stretch wrapping film is a kind of packaging method that uses mechanical stretching device or manual force to stretch the film at room temperature to wrap the goods tightly for transportation and storage. It is a very popular packaging form in the world. Imported resin and advanced flow diffraction film extrusion process are adopted. It has the characteristics of good tensile property, tear resistance, strong penetration resistance, high transparency, good self-adhesion, high retraction rate, tight packaging and no looseness. It can be widely used in single or pallet packaging and other binding packaging of chemical raw materials, chemical fertilizers, food, electromechanical products, light textile products, etc.

First, unitization features: using the winding force and retraction of the winding film, the product can be compactly and fixedly bound into a unit.

Second, primary protection: provide surface protection measures for the product to form an effective protective appearance around the product, so as to achieve the purpose of dust, oil, moisture, water and theft prevention. This kind of protection can be that the packaged items are evenly stressed, which can better avoid product damage.

Third, compression fixation: using the stretching and recovery of winding film, it can form a compact unit without occupying space, which can effectively wrap the products tightly, and prevent the mutual dislocation and movement of products during transportation.

Fourth, cost saving: the use of wrapping film for product packaging can well reduce the use cost, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and better improve the packaging efficiency and packaging grade.

ADD: 282-8, Longjiang Section, 325 National Highway, Longjiang Towm, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong (opposite Renren Hotel)
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